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On Site Chair Massage

 Chair Massage


Chair Massage Benefits

Chair massage is the easiest way to provide your employees with important health benefits. 

It not only benefits your employees, but your business as well.

Improved Productivity

Even 15 minutes of chair massage has been proven to lower stress, reduce muscle tension, rejuvenate the mind and body, and increase alertness, making your employees more productive.

Reduced Sick Time and Employee Absenteeism

Massage improves the immune system and reduces stress and anxiety that can lead to a number of health issues.  Sitting in a chair all day at a computer has been proven to cause most back, neck, shoulder and wrist pain.  Massage can greatly reduce the risk of injury due to repetitive work and injuries on the job. Massage can reduce the cost in overall healthcare.   And you can be sure they will feel better overall and enjoy their job that much more.

Benefits of Massage

You and your employees will enjoy the many benefits massage has to offer including:

Reduced stress and anxiety

Headache and migraine relief

Relief of muscle tension and soreness

Lower blood pressure

Increased circulation

Increase in flexibility and range of motion

Increased resistance to illness

Decreased injuries to over-worked or repetitive movemement in muscles

An overall increase in health and well being


We have several experienced LMT's available and scheduling is easy and affordable.  Go to Contact Information to inquire about chair massage for your office today!



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